5 Royalty-Free Music Libraries to Help You Enhance Your Content

5 Royalty-Free Music Libraries to Help You Enhance Your Content

If you create content, whether it vlog, podcast, tutorials, or business presentation, without music it is close to lifeless. Just a good idea or picture/video is not enough.

In order to make your piece of content more engaging, you need royalty-free music. And here are a few places on the net to get it.

Check out the list of 5 Royalty-Free Music libraries which provide high-quality music tracks nearly in every genre.

1. Kabgig Music

Kabgig Music is a royalty-free music library created by musician and producer Ansar Ismagilov.

This library contains high-quality music of the most popular genres such as Rock, Pop, Corporate, Dramedy, Electronic, Indie, Cinematic, Folk, Hip-Hop, Jazz, World, Meditation, etc.

Easy to browse, genre filtering, full previews, every track has cut versions, simple and clean website design.

You will most likely find a suitable option for your project.

Pricing is 29$ per track pack.

You can subscribe for special offers and seasonal discounts.

And!!! You can get a free track of the week here.

2. AudioJungle

AudioJungle is probably the biggest source on the internet. You can find their tracks starting at very little $$$ and there are no upper limits. They cover all genres from folk to heavy metal. AudioJungle is a big corporation and it’s a part of Envato Market which contains other content creator resources such as stock images, video, after effects mockups, code snippets, etc. There are more than 35000 creators musicians, programmers, videographers, photographers, etc. It’s a really huge catalog.

3. Pond5

Pond5 is another huge player on the stock field. Same as AudioJungle, Pond5 has a giant catalog of stock music, images, and video. They cover almost every imaginable genre from meditation to war, from adventure to orchestral, etc.

500’000 tracks make it easy to stuck there while you’re browsing through all this music.

By using this link you’ll get 20% off your first order

4. Premium Beat

This is an exclusive one. It means, that royalty-free music you get on Premium Beat is not available anywhere else. It’s more boutique library. Higher quality, but smaller catalog. By the way, it’s a subsidiary of a Shutterstock image library. All music is cleared for copyright. Premium Beat and Kabgig Music websites are much more minimal and simple than AudioJungle and Pond5 which helps with concentration. You won’t be distracted by unnecessary information. Needless to say, it’s more expensive than others.

5. Artlist

Very slick website design with creative aesthetics. Fits perfectly for video creators. It has a lot of indie tracks. Easy to use navigation. By genre filtering. It’s subscription-based. 199$ a year for an unlimited license with access to a complete catalog, unlimited downloads.

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