Creepy Costume Halloween Ball



Scary breathing orchestral composition with amazing colourful elements and incredible mysterious intriguing halloween vibe. Magical lead melodies are taking you to fairy world of witches, vampires, monsters and zombies.

Mood: Spooky, Goosebumps, Fairy tale, Ghostly, Halloween

Featured instruments:
Theremin, Xilophone, Pizzicato Strings, Tuba, Horns, Glockenspiel, Women choir, Oboe, Drums, Percussion, Harp, Celesta

Perfect for halloween advertising, halloween trailer, halloween presentation, halloween game, halloween cartoon, halloween teaser, halloween fun, halloween party, halloween dance, Ghost Story, films, Halloween projects, commercials, documentary, sci-fi projects, fantasy video, projects with dark atmosphere, movies,  fairy tale, video game, youtube, horror and more

Tempo 130

D minor

What’s included

-main track (60 sec)

-30 sec version

-15 sec version

-1 loop (15 sec)

-2 loop (15 sec)

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Standart License, Broadcast License (1 million), Mass Reproduction License, Broadcast License (10 millions), Broadcast & Film License


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