Happy Cyborg | Happy Electronic Corporate | Royalty Free Music

Happy Cyborg | Happy Electronic Corporate | Royalty Free Music


This innovative, soft, minimalistic, happy, hi-tech background corporate track will add an additional emotional layer to your project. Use this track to tell a moving story of success, progress and achievement and set the perfect tone to entertain, engage and inspire your audience!

Mood of this track : lite, positive, progressive, easy listening, upbeat, uplifting, motivational, hopeful.

Featured instruments: drums, bass guitar, electric guitar, plucks, shakers, tambourine, strings, sound design effects, ambient effects, pad, piano, arpeggiator

This track is perfect for any uplifting and inspiring videos such as advertising, promotional videos, product launching, commercials, movie trailers, film scores, TV ads, YouTube intros and videos, corporate presentations, adventure videos, fashion and art videos, corporate projects, real estate, advertisement, promo video, blog, video tutorial, glamour and style projects, beauty industry, model agency, business, spa, holiday and travel video, corporate video, nature video, vacation videos, tv adverts, openers, logo, podcasts, website, web, vimeo, time lapse video, slideshow, social media, marketing, technology video, gaming videos, radio, global broadcast, cooking show, brand promotion, restaurant, cafe, shopping center, supermarket, leisure facilities, summer and seaside projects, event organisation, boutique, clothes shop, fitness, sports facilities, sports activities, reviews, beauty lessons, gadget reviews, transformation video, vlog, hairstyles, Teasers, Intro, and other projects!


E major

120 bpm

What’s included:

-main track – 1:32

-60 sec version – 1:00

-30 sec version – 0:30

-15 sec version – 0:15

-bumper – 0:10


Please post links to your projects with our music in the comments. Thank you!


Standart License, Broadcast License (1 million), Mass Reproduction License, Broadcast License (10 millions), Broadcast & Film License


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